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Welcome to this hub of education, inspiration, and personal development, sometimes with a bit of tough love. Through poetry, and other tools, including meditations, pre-recorded seminars we will go on this journey and shift our lives. As we grow more will be added, and I look forward to that. There is a quote, that I feel says it best about our journey in life and I hope you will become a member and join us on this journey of inspiration and personal development.

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Everything you need to know about Meditation

Emotional Self Hostage

The self is governed by his thoughts, feelings and emotions. Our body consists of emotions, feelings and thoughts, which governs the nervous system of the

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Meditation…….. Meditation has benefits, at the very least it can help you find inner peace, become more disciplined in your daily life, even simple in the moment techniques can help you lower your blood pressure in a tense situation. Where people get stuck is figuring out how to even begin with meditation. What is the best approach, and some meditations can seem complicated, so here are some simple techniques you can try to get you started.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” ​