I love this prayer and part of life journey is to really understand and live this prayer. I am not quite there yet completely, but I am getting there. There are things we can and can’t control. For example, the weather. I can’t control the state of the weather, but i can control how I dress for the state of the weather. I can control what time I make my appointments, so if I know I don’t do well walking around in the scorching sun, humidity, then if possible I schedule my appointments in the late afternoon. I can’t control how another behaves, but I can control how I behave, how I interact with them. I can’t control the real estate market, but I can keep informed, to know the best time to buy and sell etc… I have to be able to discern whether a situation is healthy or unhealthy for me, whether relationships are healthy or unhealthy for me. These are things I have control over. Even let’s say a medical situation. I may not have control over the illness manifesting, but I do have control on what kind of care I seek, if I seek care etc…Even in situations where one may thing there is no control, there is. It’s important to know what you can or can’t control, what you should hold on to and fight for and what to let go of. If we included any prayer in our meditation, this should definetly be included. I know I will.