I see this commercial for CARE and the words, I agree with, every life is precious, but yet it is meaningless because in our world that is not true.  There is no care for, sense of precious life when that life is developing in the womb.  Some will say, it’s semantics, but words matter and very much so in this case and in general when we have a society filled with hate, with victim mentality, punishing people for being born white or hating law enforcement who risk their lives daily.  Do all lives matter, really?  Time we think about that.  We say all lives matter, but do they?  Doesn’t seem the case when you have Hollywood celebrating multiple abortions, throwing hate on whites, cops, seems only select lives matter and if you are a life in the womb, then you don’t matter.  What does all this say about us as a society?  Can’t say anything good.  If all lives matter, and they should black, white, ET, all lives matter from conception to natural death.  If we say these words, we should mean them.  Martin Luther King dreamed of a nation, world where there would not be this hate, this choosing people for office etc… based on skin color, when all lives would matter.  Sadly, seems that is a dream we do not know how to achieve, and can’t seem to be responsible with our sexuality, our commitments, and that is sad.  Something to think about.