One thing that is clear to anyone with a spiritual inclination, making that journey is that we are not just a blog of cells and chemicals. We are also consciousness, ability to choose, go beyond basic instinct and much more.  Unfortunately our structures political, and other wise, including our healthcare does not always reflect that and insurance companies often don’t reflect that understanding.  I recently spoke with someone I have known for a long time, very intuitive and someone else as well, very intuitive and they picked up based on prayer and meditation for me, and knowing me all I have been dealing with in terms of my health etc…my life long journey of prophetic dreams, my own intuitiveness, all of it, that there was “subconscious trauma” that needed to be dealt with.  I realized that we truly are whole entities of creation.  Each aspect impacts the other for positive or negative, sometimes in combination of both depending on how prepared we are to adapt for not.  We often talk of balance, well if we don’t understand the pieces to the whole, in congruence align them, then the whole will feel off kilter so to speak. 

I realize that before I can do affirmations to realize my dreams, I have to let go of this  baggage and trauma, so how will  do that?  One way is actual physical exercise at home and other days walks, slow walks, as I take in nature, just allow myself to be without thinking about what needs to get done etc…  Another thing I am doing is I have recorded on my small digital recording a meditation for letting go and calming healing music, will be purchasing one of those sleep masks for my eyes.  Each night, perhaps during the day as I feel called to, I will listen to it, someplace quiet where I can’t be disturbed.  I realize I have to also exercise my body, really watch what I put into my body.   I can’t neglect my subconsciousness, consciousness, my spiritual, emotional or physical self.  If I do I am of no use to myself and I can’t really exercise my gifts, talents fully.