I’ve been in the process of trying to get my coop fixed up and sold as mom and I agreed I would prior to her passing. The goal is a new life, new chapter, new place, NEW! Seems this apartment overhaul has not been able to get going for different reasons, and my goal is to move to. a new place before Christmas, hopefully by mid December. When now another delay came, I had to figure out do I move the goal post or change the route for how I get there. If I were still the stubborn person I was I would dig in my heals on total makeover, but is that wise to do that and create financial stress for myself?

Of course the answer is no. Therefor, less extensive upgrades, a deep professional clean, minor upgrades, put in good lighting tracks and my tinsel tree for the holidays and do a fabulous staging. Sometimes we have to change the route we take to get to a destination and it doesn’t mean failure, means wisdom, maturity to understand that things change, that’s life. A friend I am no longer in touch with used to always have main plan, backup plan and back up to the back up plan and I thought it was crazy, but I see the wisdom in that. Being fixated on a particular route to reach a goal can put you in a prison and tiny box, so be willing when you have a goal to have plan A, B, C and if plan A keeps having glitches, look at plan B and C, determine based on the timeline for the goal which one is best at that time. Be firm enough to be sure of the goal after meditation and prayer, but flexible enough to change route on how you get there.