We can find ourselves in situations that are negative, toxic, unhappy, and stuck. What do you do with that? You can stay as is and it can slowly eat away at you, one choice. Another to change how you view it, another choice. There is also the choice of finding a constructive way to change it. Notice I said it, not the people, it. You can not really change people, on the circumstances you choose to be a part of. Trying to change people is futile, not that you can’t be a positive role model, you can but don’t think you can wave a magic wand and change people’s behaviors etc.., not unless they are ready, willing and able to. When my mom passed on, my being on disability and with fibromyalgia, real panic started to set in about the financial impact, in addition to the loss of my mom. The facts were what they were, she was gone, and finances now had to be dealt with on a level I hadn’t really had to be concerned with. There was the overall change in terms of not having her companionship, since we were BFFs. I could think of it as a crisis and fall apart, doing no one any good, especially myself or mom’s memory, as she would have wanted me to be strong and resilient as she was in life. I had to look at this as not so much losing my mom, who had been suffering so much and it was actually a blessing a she passed, but as the opening of new doors to creating life as I wanted to create it for myself. I had to look at this as the chance to go someplace new, new people, new friends, new life. It was up to me whether I stayed stuck, and became a mess or whether I changed the viewpoint and circumstances. I chose to change the viewpoint etc…That was my choice and I hope it always will be, the choice to be resilient and change the viewpoint and as is possible the circumstance.