I went to the dentist and have to get work done, Covid really set things back in that department for me, but since I have no dental insurance, I had to take a no interest medical loan with monthly payments starting next month. I had to decide which plan of financing to choose based on my current budget, stuff like this has been part of my journey since mom died earlier this year. Different things, including getting together with the family recently for communion, confirmation event, gathering, so many things have really have looking at life past, present and future not in a what if or any of that mode, no.

It makes me realize that it’s important to cherish family, friends, gifts, talents yours and those of others, the blessings you are bestowed with in life. It’s also important to have a goal for the future, short term, long term and one that is within reasonable reach. If I dream of being a ballerina, not realistic for any number of reasons at this point, nor would it have been when I was young, due to vertigo for example. Realistic short term goal/s for me are for example to move to a new place, one truly my own, set up a home office and studio to record my work, and get on a holistic wellness program. Long term, that would be to have a platform that brings major impact and victory tools to those in times of change, transition, loss and such, as well as the resources to live a fully holistic, naturopathic, eco friendly lifestyle anywhere I choose. I am working on taking concrete steps to the short term goals such as getting an organizer in for two or three days to help me prepare the apartment for the contractor who will be upgrading my current coop, one I shared with mom for many years. Once that is done, coop upgraded, up for sale it goes and new chapter begun. What about today? Live like crazy, not suggesting undisciplined, out of control anything goes lifestyle, no. For example when you are walking anywhere, slow down, look around, look at the maybe great architecture, nature, people, children laughing, really be aware of what is around you, the splendor of creation, even it does sometimes to amok.

It’s great to live in the present, moment, but let’s not forget family, friends, different things in the past that have value, and even stuff that maybe hurt us, let’s appreciate what it taught us, not dwell or wallow in the misery of it, just acknowledge it was a learning curve, we may not realize that until later on, even years later, but it’s important we do so. When setting goals for the future, while they can be bold, wonderful, let’s also be grounded enough to choose wisely the goals and dreams of tomorrow. I know I will do my best to do just that.