I came across and article and heard something that makes me wonder where the heck common sense is. Let:s start with an article, slide show that says well since we don:t have tons of evidence, written etc…on figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Kumla Kahn, and others, well, let:s say they never existed.  These so called academics and historians have determined that unless there is a significant paper trail etc.. about you, you are folklore.  That is dumb on a few levels.  

First of all, in the age of Jesus and other historical figures you didn’t have a digital footprint, no UPS or anything like that, and if you were a monk well use common sense what trail of backloads of evidence would there be.  I suppose all the works of Shakespeare, all the biblical writings, archeology that supports the bible as historical it:s all an illusion?  Back then you had scribes, people who kept something of a record, but much was destroyed in wars and conquests thought history.  Secondly, the impact these figures of history have had is undeniable, so to deny them is to deny history, personal experiences and sacred text, texts sacred to groups of people.  To say that because we don:t have tons of paperwork etc… on them means they never existed is loony.

The other thing that caught my attention was that half of self proclaimed Christians don:t believe in the Holy Spirit, don:t believe in the Trinity, in Satan, which is nuts.  If there is no trinity, then how do you explain the baptism of Jesus at Jordan, and when Jesus said he would send a comforter, the comforter could not come unless He went away?   Who was God taking to when he said on the cross, forgive them father then know not what they do?Does the Trinity mean threee Gods, no.  Think of it as a family unit.  The parents and children are individuals, but there is a certain shared consciousness of how that family behaves etc…  The Trinity is a family unit, of one mind, shared goals, principles etc…  As for Satan, anyone with any sense knows there are agents of spiritual evil that influence to hate, lawlessness, destruction, murder etc… To deny that Satan, along with the angels, and the Trinity are real, is to deny Christianity, to deny the core of what the Bible teaches, including forgiveness and such to those who repent, embrace Christ, but also judgment when our our moral and ethical compass gets skewed, individually and as a collective society.  I hope Christians will read the scriptures, and realize that archeology, writings themselves, and other finds, even if we don:t have selfies and all that , tell us these are not folklore or anything like that.