There are things in my life that hurt me, decisions I made that hurt me in the long run and still have repercussion today financially and in not living my dreams. There are the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve aspects of life my life. I believe that God can give us. a clean slate if we truly acknowledge missing the mark etc.. and learn to forgive ourselves, and others, not for their sake but for our own. I know the kind of life, including faith life I want to live, but I can’t live it if I hang on to the hurts, the could’ve, would’ve, should’ve aspect of my life. The only thing I can do is look at I am and I will be based on learning to make good and healthy decisions, choices now, in the present.

While a life unexamined is, a life unexamined and we can’t change negative patterns if we don’t acknowledge them or acknowledge what is toxic in our lives and move away from that, holding on to hurt, bitterness etc..makes moving forward impossible. Letting go, forgiving is not easy for everyone, and it can be a true act of courage to say, “I let go, I won’t be controlled by the past”. Courage is needed in life if one is to move forward in healthy ways, wise ways. I hope we can all find ways to let go and live, happy and healthy lives.