I have been asking myself this as I watch Christians support the Dems, and/or                                                                                                                   support BLM, Antifa, wondering if they know their platforms.  Then I am left thinking well if you do, what category of Christian are you?  I address it from a Christian point as that is the faith I am in affinity with, though I also do Zen type meditation and am interested in learning different philosophies, while staying firm in my Christian foundation.  

If  I ask this question of what type of Christian are you, I see two camps.  The one is the cultural Christian.  What do I mean by that?  The cultural type of Christianity, which I tried, didn’t feel right, or in alignment with truth, seems to be growing.  This is the type that says, I want what I want, to live things my way, justice according to the world’s definition etc.., so I will take scripture and bend it backwards and forwards etc.. to make scripture fit that narrative, say I am being smart and progressive in my faith.  That trend is a scary one, trying to fix God, mold God to be what we want God to be, His scriptures what they want them to to be, His moral imperatives either discarded or twisted to a secular mold of things.  That is the cultural Christian, and that Christian will likely support Dems, BLM, Antifa, and all manner of sin under the guise of Justice, Equality. That is one strand of Christians.  

What of the other strand? The other strand does not go based on emotion, on simply what is the trend, that includes marriage, sexuality etc.. They look at the platform of every group and see if that aligns with the teachings fo scripture, not as we want, but as it is.  We look at it from both faith and reason perspective.  For example, if you are going to fight for Black Lives, why are you not fighting for all lives of your people, including in the womb?  If you value the life of a puppy, you should, or puppies in the womb and such, why are you so willing to killing a baby in the womb?  We ask very logical questions in line with the truths of the bible, and science that shows life begins at conception.  We understand we and the world are to be molded by the teachings of God, not the other way around.  Do we look at things in the context of where we are in time, our secular laws etc..?  Sure we do.  We understand the core of what is scripture, teachings on morals, ethics, marriage and such are fundamental to a strong society and God knows this as well.  We do not seek to change God or His core truths to fit the world, the opposite.  We can not support things such as BLM etc..We are not cultural Christians, but Biblical Christians.