When I read certain passages of scripture and I look at America, at its’ citizens, I see this dark night. Spiritually, we are in a dark night and journey. I personally think there may very well be a rapture as spoken in scripture. As I look at my life, even my life as a Christian, I realize I have not truly had Christ live in my heart, spirit, soul fully, nor the Holy Spirit. If I had had a life of deep and true prayer, really studied and understood Scripture etc…I would have have made different choices, would have approached life differently. Scripture has great teaching on not only moral boundaries, but also how to handle parenting, finances etc…, especially if one truly does have a life of prayer, of trusting the Creator, that Force, that Being that created all things, even when things go badly. We have to remember that when things go badly, we may have been the authors, played a part. I made impulsive choices, decisions, without really thinking without thinking of the state of my soul, my emotional, spiritual etc.. well being. I missed the bullseye and I hope that I can turn that around, that I can now stand fully with sacred truths, I can really reflect on choices and decisions I make. I have to think about the eternal, real long term picture, not just now, what I want, but what is truly in line with scriptural, spiritual truths and also for my greater wellness, including spiritual, long term. As I look to begin a new life, new chapter in my life, I have to really bring The Holy Trinity into my heart, spirit and soul fully, and also my well being. This means toxic people, situations have to go, and I need to stay away from people that are toxic, negative, will not be for my greater good and wellness, even as a Christian.