In these times we are very much experiencing the dark night of the soul.  Why are we doing so?  Basically we have become humanists and when a society because humanist and humans become the God and the enemy, well you get dark nights, lots of them.  

Divinity, holiness, sacredness is not about religion per se.  It is about recognizing the awe of creation, of creativity, of every life from conception onward.  It is about honoring heritage the good, bad and ugly as part of the human experience.  It is about respecting lawfulness and such no matter how one has grieved you, not taking vengeance, which is not the same as justice.  This is why we have trials etc.., due process where you wait for evidence to determine guilt or innocence, not what you feel or think happens.  We have to regain divinity, holiness, sacredness, not perfection, as that is not realistic.  Honoring all life animal, human is the starting point for this and unless we truly see all life, conception to natural death as sacred society will always be wounded.  MLK had a great dream, a time when no one and nothing will be judged based on race, or color of one’s skin, sadly because we have a humanist, atheistic society that does not value life, we have hate, and reverse discrimination.  There is nothing holy, sacred about that, nor about revenge, letting anger rule so you harm and destroy society, community.  We not only have personal dark night by refusing to flow with the flow of life, refusing to forgive and constructively deal with issues, but also as a community and society for the same reason.  Forgiving and praying for a segment of society does not mean accepting their views, or staying silent on anything unholy etc…we feel strongly about.  It does mean we never seek to destroy persons, communities and societies from a place of rage.   That is crucial, not coming from a place of rage and blindly following what a journalist or a professor says, really reason things out, do ample research, not from sources your professors necessarily tell you, from various sources.  Prime video, Tubi have documentaries that you can view.    

Let’s not stay perpetually in the dark night of the soul.  Let’s not stay in that unholy place, that place that destroys the soul of a nation.  We can’t get out of the dark night until we stop the victim mentality and blame game individually and collectively.  That has to stop and academia must lead the way to that and to honoring Freedom of Religion, Speech and Assembly.