In netwprl. of network, cop pays, deductibles, oy, what a headache.  I can’t help but ask if this is necessary, is insurance, including medicare, medicaid, are they necessary?  What would happen if we eliminated insurance?  Calm down, don’t panic, wouldn’t be the end of the world.  Of course it would you say, how would we pay for all of it?  

Every sector of the wellness industry is going to have to get creative, safely, legally creative.  How do they do that, well first of all, eliminate the middle men, insurance brokers and such.  Another thing, cut down on the paperwork, and bureaucracy that makes medicine such an expensive endeavor.  Granted, this means doing so in a way that is safe for patients and for everyone.  I realize that takes a lot of brain power to figure all this out and our snowflake generation may not want to put in the blood, sweat and tears to figure it all out, but give it a shot okay, same for the rest of the industry.  

What if every service in the industry relates to doctor -patient were on a sliding scale, and what if communities, houses of worship created wellness funds for members of the community?  What if we allowed people to choose traditional or oriental medicine, holistic medicine, or combination?  What if we taught from early on, elementary school health prevention and wellness, to the parents as well?  What if all those organic eateries donated food, healthy food for those of a lower income scale and thus everyone could have healthy foods?  What if we got kids into regular exercise on a daily basis, made it stick as part of life, of the routine, not with guilt, but make it fun?   Maybe each adult,. family has an account strictly for wellness expenses, it is not touched unless it is a true health, wellness bill that needs paying? These are just some ideas I am throwing out there, just ideas that came to me in meditation. 

What of disability payouts and all that?  What of that program?  I have fibromyalgia nd have had to go on SSDI, but I wish the program were run differently.  How?  What if they looked to see alternative skills and talents that can be developed including the artistic?  What if people were placed in an apprentice program would include the artistic, given resources to thrive in that industry, give support while that person builds a new career, works around the disability, adopts to a new career path based on these skills.  If a person has a great aptitude for numbers or something else, then get them trained in that area, get them into an apprenticeship that will be flexible to their situation.I would much have fathered that government reps would have seen my artistic and writing talents and helped me in launching a new career with these gifts, that would have been a much better option for everyone.  

We need to change how we do things.  We must figure out how to keep people healthy, and cut all reliance on government, cut out insurance which is in essence a prison , since it is dictated which doctor you see etc..I pray we will change how society does things at least on this front.