End Time eschatology can be quite confusing, so what is the end times and end of days?  Let’s start with when the heck did the final chapter for humanity begin?  Pentacost is when the clock started ticking on the end times, leading to the final battle of good and evil and the end of days.  

Think of it this way.  Pentacost was when the train journey began and as we get to Mathew 24/25 we are getting into the final phase of the journey, but we are not at the assigned station yet.  As you make the journey, well all kinds of stuff happen along the way, and as ou get closer to the destination, the read gets really rocky, engine acts up continually, small fires constantly to put out etc.., then you arrive at the journey, that final battle, final station and all hell breaks loose on a grand scale, but before all can be eradicated, the train and certain passengers are given safe passage.  This can be quite scary if you have no roadmap, nothing to move though safety.  This sis where the Prophet and Wittness come in, those who have a deep prayer life, are given insights to understand scripture and correlate it to what is happening I’m the present moment and see where it is likely to go.  Some think it is awful that God sounds these alarms, that those true to their calling call out all manner of sin, but it is a great gift.  If there is a fire brewing in your home, don’t you want the alarm to sound, wake you up so you can get to safety?  I should hope so.  It is important to understand that the end times began with Pentacost and the end days, very tail end is when all hell breaks loose, no stopping when it does.  For those who understand the Prophetic, with a deep spirtuall life, they receive guidance   It is clarity, guidance, appreciation for law and order and all that jazz that will save us in the end, that comes not from uncontrolled emotions, but still small voice within, that part of us that connects to the divine, the holy, sacred, those truths that will get us safety from point A to point B.  May we all find that deep spiritual center and guidance.