False idols, easy to turn people, earth itself, nature, even people into idols, but the natural is not going to save you or me from our own stupidity, our inclination to do evil things, think even thoughts.  Meditation exists because there is the need to discipline the unruly selfish part of humanity. 

Does that mean we can not admire traits in others, their skills, talent, what they accomplish?  No, of course not.  Should we plant new trees, minimize damage we to to the planet, nature, and to others?  Yeah, not a bad idea.  When we start playing identity politics, when we start pitting people against each other for the sake of Mother Earth.  When mother earth becomes the God of our lives, world and we are willing to destroy entire industries, jobs, livelihood of others, anything and everything for the sake of mother earth, or fame, fortune any God, and we start to worship the creation as creator, big trouble.  I am all for admiring and being inspired by others, what they achieve, and caring for the planet, but not to the point we despise success, progress, prosperity, or make that goal our God.  When we do, we become slaves.  People think freedom means just not being in prison, but it is so much more.  It means the ability to balance every aspect of life and society, be a willing co-creator with the Creator by being balanced and wise stewardship.  Please do not mistake anything for God, the Creator of all things, or anyone for Yeshua the Lamb of God, savior.  While we should admire, learn from etc…, never put anyone or anything in the place of God, not in your heart, or in your life.  Never be a slave to envy, to anything, other than good, solid, holy precepts for living and relationship.