When we hear about Fear of God, what does that mean, from a purely spiritual perspective? Does it mean walk on eggshells terrified of God, literally getting sick with worry about disappointing the Creator? No, for me anyway that is not what it means, not after a decades of life lessons etc….. I’m 56, so you figure a few life lessons are part of the package. What do I understand it to mean. Think of our most cherished relationships, healthy ones, that’s crucial.

What do you expect from your most cherished partner, friend, colleague? What do you want from them in terms of how you are treated and how do you think they would want to be treated? What about boundaries? A healthy relationship has boundaries, and how would you feel if those boundaries were crossed, ignored, spit on day after day? I am guessing not so great. When the universe was created, certain laws of nature, sexuality etc. were put in place for our own well being and an orderly society. Like a home, I have my home set up a certain way, certain rules within that domain and if my dear friend suddenly comes in starts changing things etc… no regard for me or my boundaries I wouldn’t be happy and I would have to react, constructively, maturely, but I would have to react and if he or she did it again and again, knowing my house rules, the relationship might have to be severed. It wouldn’t necessarily make me happy, but boundaries, respect, honoring my wishes, boundaries etc… matter, a lot. When one speaks of fearing God, really about respecting, honoring His set boundaries etc…. It also relates to each other, community, nations, national etc… boundaries. Laws can only work when we understand this, when we truly respect, honor etc.. not only the laws and boundaries of nature as they originally were and intended by the creator, but also as that relates to each other, property etc…

Let us reflect, are we honoring the Creator, respecting the Creator of the universe, natural law and natural laws as intended by the Creator? What about each other? Not to say we can’t or shouldn’t point out others’ wrong doing, or harmful patterns, we should, but I think what needs to be looked at is how we do it. We can be firm, strong in our rebuke, but it matters that we have boundaries within that rebuke, healthy ones.