The time to selling my coop is getting closer and I have researched a 55+ rental communities, affordable ones.  Initially I stuck to New Jersey, but I realize I need to be flexible.  I need to have a certain flexibility in terms of where I go as regards a 55+ community.  While I rent for a time, I will be applying to 55+ rentals in NY and NJ. 

When one makes changes in life, one must be level headed and have a certain level of maturity about it.  I could be impulsive and run to NJ, but that might not be the smartest move, so I need to look at the pros and cons of things.  Would it be best to rent a studio in NYC for a year or two and look at communities I apply to in the meantime, choose maybe three in NY and three in NJ and go look at them?  That might be the smarter thing to do.  If I do things on pure impulse, I might regret it, so I think it is a good idea to talk things over with a level headed person or two who can help me look at it objectively.  I will weigh the pros and cons of everything in the next 30 days and come up with a plan.