You hear people say we have to follow the science, particularly certain politicians, even those in science. Which seems like sound advice. Then again, do they follow their own advice? I think not. Science, biology is quite reliable, when there is no confusion, deception etc.. caused by any number of outside influences or issues of self esteem etc.. Science makes clear male and female, sacred union by how life can come about. Science has given us clarity, when followed, of what the Creator, the Creative force of the the universe intends. Science speaks to us through DNA, through the weather. It speaks to us, but do we truly listen, or are we hell bend on living live our way, and not listening to science, which is one way the Creator, Force of Creation, speaks to us. When we come up with things like non binary, stuff like that, we are not listening to science, not listening to biology, when we confuse children with these delusions we are violating the very thing we tell people to listen to, science. If you tell people listen to the science, but then don’t, you are hypocrite, you do realize that, right? Biology, weather, astronomy, they all speak to us,. That amazing entity that created all things, got the ball rolling with the big bang perhaps, speaks through us through the sciences, including biology, so listen to biology regarding male, female, which biology figured out for us at conception, and honor it, honor the science.

What about equality? Surely it is noble to seek absolute equality in all things? Isn’t it? Well, no, it isn’t. Let’s say I had five kids, different ages and health issues. I wanted them to all have equal amounts of food and same type of food, to be equal. If one is diabetic, and I give him or her the same foods as the other children, well, won’t go so well. If I try to push all five to be athletes when four of the five are not athletic because I want them all to be equal is that good parenting? What if I want to move heavy furniture and I enlist not only my athletic 13 year old, but also my 4 and 5 year old, so as to not have them feel left out of the task, is that good parenting? If I pay the same amount for dusting chores as I do taking out having bins of trash or cleaning a whole room, large room, is that really right? Is that truly fair? No, it isn’t. In trying to make it all equal, I am making it unequal. When we try to make things to equal, or too sterile as in non binary, we not only deny science, we end up creating a great lie, denying what truly is. We must recognize the truth of biology, and we must also celebrate differences in talent, in wisdom etc.., not squash it, in the name of making it all perfectly equal, the same, because we will end up creating even greater injustice, inequality, delusion etc.. Let’s trust the science, not our own flights of fancy or “feelings'” “wooo ooooh feelings”