lonely evneing road

Social Justice Warriors and Others will insist that the Bible and God want Open Borders, that Borders, Nations etc.., that it’s fine to enter nations illegally if things at home are tough, lawbreaking is fine.  They will argue nations all of that is an invention of mankind, not of God.  Here’s the problem with that, they aren’t reading scripture, the Bible, not any Christian Bible, not God’s scripture.  Here is a holistic and accurate perspective: 


Then they will say the Founding Fathers were all for immigration, no problem, well no, they were not.  Not that they didn’t want any immigration, but they had real concerns about uncontrolled immigration and they were right about it ripping at the fabric of and destroying the Republic, we are witness to this.  In addition to which we enable all kinds of sins and crimes by not having iron clad borders, radical immigration overhaul etc… The founders had had something to say about the subject, notice what the judge had to say, we seeing anything like this now? hmm?  There are other quotes about assimilation or going back home they made, and if you then take this, their concerns, their overall sentiments about the Constitution, Democracy and Republicanism, you understand that open borders, and this mob democracy that the Left is egging on and the Democrats, with the cooperation of even some RINO Republicans is not what the Founders and others shed blood, sweat and tears for.



When we approach the subject of borders, security, immigration and the Constitution, who we are asa nation, let these quotes, let the values and concerns of the founders be taken very seriously and holistically.