Life has a way of going full circle.  I was born in New Jersey, my early childhood was spent in NJ and now circumstances are bringing me back to NJ.  It’s a bit scary since I have spent most of my life in NYC, but I was never really a party person, really mainly enjoyed cafes, and cultural events.  If I think about what I would be missing out on, well, not much really.  I am not going to someplace totally unfamiliar, I am going full circle, going home.  The process that is most stressful is sorting out what to keep, what not to keep, coordinating donation to Goodwill and all that.  Luckily, I chose a concierge real estate firm and the realtor is very familiar with Southbridge, had done a number of sales in the coop complex that consists of 7 buildings.  They say it is not possible to go back, but that is not true.  As long as you have good memories of where you are going back to and you have a solid plan for moving forward, then no problem. 

This will be a new chapter, starting over, clean slate, chance to reboot my life and while I am a bit nervous, I am also excited at the prospect of choosing where I live etc… Fear really is the only thing that can hold us back, and I will not let fear rule my choices. That doesn’t mean you don’t plan, don’t map out your steps, that is important.  Never let fear be the factor that determines moving forward.