With mom passing, reality is a chunk of income is gone leaving me with a a financial hole and with being on SSDI, very limited income, and all my health issues at this time, I have to figure out how to pay the bills.  I could react with total panic, compromise my retirement funds, which are key to being okay in my later years, not smart, or get even more ill with worry.  What do I do with this financial hole?  I find actual solutions such as setting up the following campaign https://www.bonfire.com/keeping-hope-alive   This allows me to offer a message on a T-shirt and also keep a roof over my head with the sale of this T-shirt.  

Because of my Catholic heritage faith teaches me to combine faith and reason, I am able to get to a moment of calm, total peace within the storm and find a solution.  My website store, promoting that, hope that yields prosperity, this other venue for raising funds allows me to raise funds and at the same time give a message of hope.  Hope is a great gift, not talking pie in the sky hope that one keeps going in circles with something that is so far out of realm of possibility.  When I speak of hope, I speak of having the faith, wisdom etc… to operate in calm, and reason, with faith that the Creator will help us if we seek wisdom, understanding to navigate the storm.  When you are hit with a storm, such I have been, includes a large financial assessment charge of several thousand on my coop plus the rent, you can freak out, panic, get all stupid, do stupid or with faith, hope find a way to the sunlight.  I hope you will always be able to be calm, at peace and find the sunlight.