As I navigate a new chapter of life, and also the ins and outs of fibromyalgia, which after my fall not too long ago, really messed me up, and am in physical therapy still, twice a week, I find that I am never alone in the journey. Whether it’s God, my faith community, family, my virtual community, there is always someone with me to sustain me on this journey. In life it’s important to have people along the journey, and for me, that has to include, for me, God. Part of arrogance is to think we can do it all on our own, navigate life on our own, that we don’t need support, sound advice etc That was part of the lie in the Garden of Eden, this lie of you don’t need God, don’t need anyone, just knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is important, but not power. The right knowledge is important, but not power, not in the purest most humane form. Knowledge in and of itself is not power, it’s just knowledge. What you do with that knowledge is what matters. If I am a chemist, knowledge alone isn’t power, the real power lies in the choices I make with that knowledge, and how I properly apply it all to life, my life, how that would impact others. My virtual family, great cheerleaders, and they also will tell me what I need to be told. We can lean on each other, even if we are a distance. They know my ups and downs and I know theirs and the power of that lies in how we are there for each other having that knowledge about each other’s lives.

We need others to support us, also tell us what we need told when we stray, when we lose sight of the original dream or get lost. It’s all part of being there for each other. Also realize that being there for someone must never mean enabling bad behavior, doing so is not actually being there for someone. Remember being there and enabling bad behavior are not the same and we must be able to tell the difference.