No one wants to be sad, or hurting, but it not anything to fear. If you are hurting, lonely, sad at times, it just means you are human. It’s okay to hurt, cry, be angry about life sometimes, so long as you move through it and don’t park there. It’s okay to let go of situations, people that are toxic, and be happy, healthy in life starting on a clean slate. Sometimes we hold on to situations etc..that are bring us only sadness etc…when letting go would be healing not only ourselves, but others as well. It’s okay to let go when things can’t work, have no happy ending in sight etc.., it’s okay to let go, hurt for a while, cry for a while, just don’t park your car there long term. That is never okay. I am allowing myself to let go, release that which I know I need to let go of. Will it be a bit sad initially, will I feel a bit lonely in a new place, new setting, new people? Sure, but there are times when you have to let go, have to walk away and it’s important to know when that is. Amen