In my meditation last night a particular connection came to mind and I had the image of trees come to me and this poem.

As I thought of this connection, I suddenly had a thought, trees,

Trees first in full bloom, full of life, leaves and flowers, of a hue of colors,,

Trees in the full bloom of Spring and in the warm light of Summer,

Such a warm and lovely friendship.

Then the trees in full bloom, come under the cold, snow, rain and wind,

The leaves and flowers are no more,

And what is left, barren twigs an branches.

Nature bring back to life that tree, 

But there are times when the tree for whatever reason,

Well it blooms no more.


Such is this connection, this friendship,

Which now is like that tree in the dead of winter,

It is branches and twigs, devoid of leaves and flowers,

Devoid of life.