Science the final frontier as Star Trek opened up with.  Yes, science is a great tool, but is it a perfect tool?  Well, no it isn’t.  Science in the lab, or even when you do polling is not perfect because it involves lots of suppositions, hypothesis that may not be able to be tested with 100% guarantee.  There is also methodology, and bias, yes bias.  If I need a certain outcome for continued funding, I may model the tests in a way that skews in that direction.  Same with polls.  Unless you have a large sampling that is quite diverse and depending on how you phrase the questions will influence the percentages.  Not to say there is not great value in science, but it can not become our God, especially not for those of us who see to be authentic Christians, people of biblical truth.  Let’s take Covid and measures taken.  Everyone went into a panic on this virus, as if a virus was something alien, from another planet.  Massive lock down globally, and no scientific analysis of what devastation they would cause to society, let alone the economy. 

Science got us along with the media into a panic and paranoia about this thing, and as a result people did not get help for other diseases they were dealing with Chronically, didn’t get mammograms and such which for some would have made a huge difference in catching things early on.   Now science is saying, most of those who got sick wore masks all the time.  Wait, first we had to wear masks to save us, now most of those who got sick more masks a lot of the time.  Confused?  You shouldn’t be because science is not God, is not all knowing, it is simple a tool of suppositions, hypothesis and then seeking to prove them as best one can.  Since nature and the body are not stagnant information changes, variables can come it that change the assumptions previously made.  This is why I appreciate the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, foreknowledge  via those gifts, and prayer, meditation that give clarity.  Science can give us information in that moment make certain projections of best and worse case scenario, but prayer, meditation, reading scripture can add a whole other layer of awareness and understanding.  I hope that in all things you will not look to science as God or even Government as savior, but rather to the Holy Trinity and scripture along with prayer and such to guide in all things along side science.  Faith and reason, both must be present. 


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