When you hear this condemnation of abundance, prosperity, success, you are hearing God offended.  No one should ever advocate greed and unethical attainment of prosperity, ever.  However this hatred of success, abundance, prosperity is ungodly, and unholy.  if you look to scripture, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, David, Solomon, Joseph of Arimathea, and Lydia are just a few examples of biblical heroes who honored God with the wealth He gave them.  In the New Testament, you also have righteous men and women of wealth, remember for Jesus’s burial, women gave expensive perfumes.  Granted Solomon took on all these wives, through mixing himself in with all these ungodly women was led astray and lost it, the blessings of God.  However, it is important to remember that God was the one in the Bible that gave the wealth, and if He had any opposition to individual wealth and advocated Communism, Socialism, share and share it all, all the time, well He wouldn’t have given wealth to these people.  

The issue is not wealth and hatred of wealth, success, those of wealth and success is the issue, as well as the ethics and morals behind how that wealth, success was attained.  For God, if I earned my wealth exploiting young innocents and any such activity, even if I gave that money, part of it to an orphanage, it would still be unholy money, that kind of wealth we should loathe.  If I build a company that offers great product at good prices, that facilitates life, improves quality of life etc… and I give to that same orphanage, then God will smile, that kind of success, charity we should be pleased with because God will be.  The other factor is why are you building up wealth, prosperity?  Are you simply doing what you are called to do in your depth of heart, spirit and soul, love what you do, really seek to make a difference for the values of Scripture, of God, even looking at the Ten Universal Laws, Ten Commandments, is that what drives you, well awesome enjoy the prosperity, use it well, even for your own family.  If your motive is a sort of vengeance to show everyone that you are the best and want to rub their noses in it, or out of vengeance because you carry anger and lack of forgiveness towards others, not good.  There are a few other things the scriptures tell us about finances, abundance  and wealth.  Priorities, what are they?  Are your priorities God, family, community, or what I want, what I want, and only what I want?  Hopefully it’s the first one.  Budget, yeah it’s not a fun word, but Luke 14:28-30 tells us it’s an important one.  I am not always great at maintaining a budget, sticking to it, but I am doing my best.  Be prepared for any crap life throws at you, we learn this from Genesis 41:34-36 and the entire story of Joseph in Egypt.  Debt, well unless it’s a reasonable mortgage, stuff like that, try to minimize debt, something I do my best to do now, as advised by Proverbs 22:7.  Know when to risk financially, all of this takes discernment, wisdom, knowledge, to bring it all together and know should I be taking risks. 

Also think about this.  Why did God not despise wealth, and why did Jesus and his ministry sell precious oils, earn quite a bit?  Well, prosperity can create businesses, that create jobs, can preserve communities, bring renewal to communities, help us help others truly in need through foundations and such.  Wealth in and of itself is not evil.  The evil comes from the hearts of mankind and what they do with that wealth or how that wealth came to be.  Never despise wealth, success, especially if you are with the Lord, truly have a pure heart etc..in how that wealth comes about, and use it wisely.