Technology is great, when it is not.  Recently there was a glitch with the site and whenever anyone clicked on any of the pages, all you got was a blank page.  What does one do?  One finds someone who can fix the problem, which I did on Fiverr.  The other thing, don’t panic, chill out and keep working on whatever material you want to work on, so when the glitch is fixed, you can continue sharing content.   What am I working on now?   I am working on recording more Christmas pieces, poems I found in the public domain, also a logo, what I want it to look like.  If you have faith, peace, calm, you can figure out how to fix the problem. You can keep working on what you want or need to keep working on.  I hope to have some Christmas recordings up for you over the next few days.  I also hope once the store is fixed, any glitch there next week, you will check it out and hopefully find something to your taste.   Amen