Can’t blame Christians for being confused about the end times, end of days, tribulation etc.. Part of it is due to three different views:  Pre-trib, Mid-Trip, Post-Trip.  Part of the problem is that often theologians or those that study the Bible will not connect the dots, will take things out of context. Let’s try to clarify some of this.  I have had to really pray about it, do some deeper discernment. Remember all this was foretold by the Prophets of the OT and then confirmed in the NT.

First, let’s clarify we are not in the final seven year period that Daniel speaks of. We are not in the tail end of the comet, the all hell breaks loose globally and the anti-Christ appears.  Second, beasts and horns represent kimgdomes and kings, heads of nations.  Third, there are things that must happen before the anti-christ comes on the scene. Fourth the bible does not say the covent is what sets off the final seven years, no a new covenant, one already established reflecting Abraham.  Also there must be a falling away for the anti-christ to show up.  Several things have to happen before the anti-christ shows up, and for the rapture, then the tail end of the comet, that is so horrific that if God did not intervene all humanity would perish.  When that happens, tail end of it all, Christ returns to judge and to usher in the 1000 years of perfect peace the saints are with Him.  Some wonder, about the Peace Treaty, Abraham Accord Trump Peace Plan, it is not the final Treaty or Covenant that leads to the tail end.  Is it a first baby step?  It might be.   Also, important to understand that where it talks about the beast it should have been translated,  the number of mankind is 666.  What is the number of mankind in the bible, 6.  as for the beast, the beast is not one individual, but fallen sinful, given into total lawlessness, depravity on large scale global mankind.  What of the passage that says the sacrifice will suddenly cease? What about the rapture?  Those claiming Pre-trib rapture, problem since the church is persecuted right up until the most horriffic tale end of things,.  Post Trib, problem since Christ returns with the saints to usher in the 1000 peace once all has been judged and the saints are part of that, so they have to be with Christ to do the judging.  That leaves us with Mid-Trip rapture. The sacrifice is the Mass, Prayer Services.  Why would suddenly in the middle of this final phase all cease?  Christians have either been persecuted and killed, those not so are raptured.  You have to understand what numbers mean in the bible, and use common sense to see that Pre-trib doesn’t quite work, neither does post trip.  There is a mid point in the final years where people still have a chance to set things right with their life and God, that is true in general, we don’t know how long or short our lives will be and we always think we have all the time in the world to se things right, to forgive, be forgiven etc.., but then suddenly something happens and no more chances.  That is how it is regarding the End Times.There will come a point where no more chances.

To understand this whole End Times thing you have to take a string of passages and do a connect the dots, like in children’s coloring books where you connect the dots to create the image then color it in.  What passages do you have to connect to understand things?  Start with the birth pangs in Mathew 24/25, Luke 21:13, Isiah 48:5-6, John 16:1, Isaiah 46:10-11, and Isaiah 44:7-8  These all speak of the birth pangs, the what in pregnancy would be referred to Braxton Hicks labor pains, you think, now the baby is coming, now it’s show time.  Then it’s not, but doesn’t diminish the pain you feel.  What happens when the water breaks, the labor pains get more intense, and the pain, exhaustion of childbirth, then at the end you have this miracle, this new life.  For those that are in the faith, strong in their Christianity, the these passages don’t create fear.  We see it as a pregnancy that has some uncomfortable moments, and pain etc.., but then the miracle of a new life, new birth.  We who are in the faith have understanding of mid trip  we are prepared, in as far as you can be for total chaos.  To get a solid sense of where things are at present and going forward these are the passages of reference:  1  Part of this is looking at the timelines and seeing what is going on around us, and the passages, putting it all together.  That can be a bit overwhelming, but if one looks at the passages, the prophetic end times timeline and final seven years, one can see what is going on and where we are headed.  Be Not Afraid, that is a theme in the NT, telling us that this knowledge is given so we can change our lives, patterns etc.. and be reconciled unto the Creator, one who created moral, ethical boundaries, gender, very clearly male and female etc..So, Be Not Afraid, think of this as the opportunity to heal all wounds, reset life and relationship with God, Holy Trinity.  A great gift given to humanity.  I hope humanity takes hold of the gift.