I was having a rough time this past week, figuring out finances and having a moment of grieving, crying, regretting stuff and I thought, “God where are you?”. Yesterday I get a call from my pastor who talked to me, advised me and prayed for me. He said several of the church members had asked about me and were worried, could he ask if they could have my number to check in and pray with me etc.. My neighbor offered to help me with my rent if I was short on funds. My other neighbor said I can stay with them while the apartment is being painted etc.. to get it on the market. I realized God is very much present in the people that reach out to us, in us when we reach out to others in any way. I was taking my daily walk today and was walking in the shade and a couple called out to me, “walk with us in the soon, it will do you good”. We walked a bit, conversed. Again, God is present in different ways, but when we get caught up in fear, anxiety etc…we don’t see it. God is listening and if we can truly let go, he will provide what is needed at the right time it is needed and the right way. Don’t ever doubt He is present, you just have to look, even just look out your window, see the beauty of nature. See His gifts in nature, people, in yourself. He is always present. Amen