Even as a child call them prophetic or guiding dreams have been part of who I am, as has faith, faith that is a “Big Daddy” for everything and everyone, something I recall I determined to be true at four years old, leaving my mom and dad a bit speechless, since they hadn’t yet really talked to me about God, they wanted to wait a bit longer so I could better grasp what they were saying. I really didn’t need them to tell me there was a God, a singular creator, a big daddy of the universe. Seemed to me common sense that all of creation, like I had a daddy, had to have a big daddy. As I got older, of course I went to Mass, had my communion etc.., but I then strayed, like many of us felt there was something I was looking for that had to be elsewhere. I even got into the New Age stuff, big mistake that one. Recently I had gone full Evangelical, but for a while now I keep dreaming of Cathedrals and St, Therese The Little Flower, though I never prayed to her, so there had to be something to these dreams. I realized this weekend, they are God’s way of seeking to lead me home to the faith of my childhood, one that when really studies one realizes really is the Church of the Bible.

Today I went to Mass and I remembered that Mass is often referred to as The Solemnity of the Mass. Why is that? I realized that the songs, music, form of music, song, everything about it calls us to honor and respect God, not our frenzied emotions of the moment or theatrics of emotions, but actually honor, respect the Trinity, Scripture. I realized that is of great comfort to me, as is the fact that rather than a thousand fragmented prayer services, there is cohesion and unity, so we all know what is coming, as it follows the examples of the Prayer Services in the Old Testament Priesthood, and in that every church in the world, every Catholic Church will be reading the same scripture, though the homily may differ, as each priest will get something slightly different out of it. As for community, well that is up to us to create within these structures, to be involved in the church, works of the church if we can. That is something else I realized, it’s up to me to make myself part of community, not wait for community to come knocking at my door begging me to be a part of it. God is helping me make my way home and I Iook forward to this journey.