Human beings often want the forever, things to stay the same, life to stay the same, for relationships, even friendships to always be in perfect flow, communications etc.., and it is a noble wish, but not very realistic.  Relationships like the weather have seasons, some relationships rarely go though the stormy season or even the Ice Age season, where one person just doesn’t want to communicate with the other, and the one not being communicated with wonders what the heck is going on.  Often when that stuff happens, the one who sees the sudden shift of a relationship or of communication patterns will think it is about stuff they have done or said.  Here is the thing, we have all heard of the “it’s me not you” phrase, and it may very well be true.  The person not communicating, or acting in a way that is not how they usually act may have nothing to do with you, it can be about them having stuff going on and they don’t want to communicate with anyone, or they may find your viewpoint etc.. irritating based on what they are going through.  If someone changes their attitude or communication pattern it may not have anything to do with you.  Pushing them is not always the answer.  Sometimes you have to give them space to scale back interaction.  This where meditating and such can be of great help, and it can also help you to decide where to go with it etc.., so if there are any changes in a person’s behavior etc.. meditate, asking for sacred guidance on what is going on and how to move forward.  Also keep in mind that not everyone, not everything is meant to be in our lives forever, and that is another level of discernment, knowing when to let go and how. I hope this poem and this post helps you in navigating such situations.  I hope we all learn how to wisely navigate relationships before we are actually even in them, and to navigate friendships when they get a bit “huh?”.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen