Life is a little bit like each day. We have a time to work , to labor etc., a tome to relax and a time to rest. When things get tough etc.. it’s okay to take a rest, to step back, re-group, re-strategize etc.., doesn’t mean giving up. Even if we fail the first time, doesn’t mean we will fail every time. Maybe the timing for implementing the dream, plan etc wasn’t right. Maybe we didn’t factor something in the first time. Just because it doesn’t work out right away to a great success doesn’t mean it’s a failure and you just give up. There are times and situations where yes we should walk away for our own sanity and also because it’s the right thing to do. Discerning those times and understanding the difference between perseverance and obsession is important. I’ll go into that in another post. Just know that taking a step back, re-evaluation of a situation, a plan, a dream is okay, taking time out to recharge, get back in touch with you, family, friends, life is okay, a good thing. Dream, Hope, Persevere, Live, but also know when to step back and take time out, just as important.