I have not been feeling all that great these past few days, a bit of a cold.  I had the plan to record some meditation stuff for the store and one or two other things.  The fibromalgia and this cold are setting me back, so how do I react?  I could push through doing what I planned and create material that isn’t really great quality.  An option, sure it is.  I could outline what I wish to do and then come back it to record and such when I am feeling better.  Hmmm, another option, don’t you think?  Common sense is of course second option the better option.  In life we have these moments where things seem to be stuck, the more we push the more stuck we get.  As someone of faith I have come to understand that the poem in Ecclesiastes a time and a purpose under the heavens kind of thing has great merit.   Sometimes we need to truly let go, need to really surrender to the Divine, to the Creator of all things and ask what should I do and the answer might be do nothing now, prepare, sharpen your knowledge, skills and all that jazz.  I understand that trying to record and so anything when I am not feeling well, especially with my throat sore and my voice not sounding so great would be a detriment to creating quality.  When you seem to constantly be hitting brick walls, spinning your wheels doing and doing and doing, exhausting yourself, might want to stop doing, and mediate, see what preparation you might be lacking that the Creator is saying no to that prayer, or maybe it’s a dream that comes from Ego and dreams that purely come from Ego, insecurity and such are not going to last long term.  When things get rough, don’t have to quit, but you may have to rest and reflect, just for a bit. That is okay.  It’s life.