As we see radical left political ideals and chaos take hold of this amazing experiment that is America, has such potential, it is sad.  There is on the one had a cry for justice etc.., yet at the same time they are destroying people’s property, livelihood etc…The two are not congruent, not in alignment.  I wanted to discuss righteous anger vs. destructive impulse.

Even scripture of various faith traditions acknowledge righteous anger and when a child is abused, someone is mistreated, treated with indignation etc…, then yes anger is appropriate, we should be angry, outraged, hurt when children, elderly, anyone is mistreated.  What’s the difference between righteous and unrighteous anger?  It’s this. Righteous anger seeks restoration, but unrighteous anger seeks destruction.  When Jesus went ballistic at the temple it was with good reason, that was a house of God, and they had turned it into a market place and a dishonest one.  He sought to restore order to God house.  Are there issues within systems?  Yeah, systems are ultimately run by human beings with ego issues and other baggage.  Will there always be something to moan and groan about, that is needed to be set straight?  Yeah, again human beings have issues, baggage, egos, life stress no system on earth will ever be perfect, there will not be a way to keep anyone in a bubble of perfect health, life etc…Not until the return of Christ to set things right once and for all.  Should we address what needs addressing? Yeah, but not by being thugs, destroyers of communities, of law and order.  Work within the systems to bring change, use social media wisely and wake people up, not with lies or false drama, that won’t fix what is broken.  Should communities and law enforcement, along maybe with the faith community find ways to communicate and interact better, more effectively etc..?  Yes, a no brainer, but to decide we won’t have any law enforcement and gee using after school programs and such will magically make neighborhoods safe is a fantasy, not reality.  Righteous anger says, yeah we screwed up here, so let me work with you and you work with me to figure out how to make it better because things as they are are not okay.  Immature rage, entitlement says, either you give me all I want or I burn your house down, terrorize you and all those around you.  

Sadly, what I am seeing is not righteous anger, but the opposite, and I am not sure how we can step back and deal with righteous anger, everyone work together without degrading the other, without it making about, if you are white then you are the enemy and everything everyone does is racist.  That kind of stoking of hate, division, of your group must all be destroyed. That is sad and unholy, does not solve anything, all it does is destroy communities, cities etc… May we realize this and turn things around to be a strong capitalist, opportunity for all, all working together Republic, not for votes, not for anything other than the greater good and wellness of all, no matter the race, color, or creed.  Up to all of us to decide if we are going to have a culture of hate, of destroying each other, or for the greater good of all black, white, doesn’t matter, just work as one for the good of all and the republic, without destroying faith, liberty and law, order.