As I was meditating this morning and again was brought back to the pattern of that person of suddenly turning cold and pulling a sort of temper tantrum, going into a corner and sulking I realized life really is like a party in terms of people and relationships.  We invite people into our lives, hearts, and vice versa, but not everyone stays, some act like drifters in and out for any number of reasons, not always good ones.  I realize that this individual, their behavior of pulling these temper tantrums, this type of sulking in the corner, not talking to you because you are not saying what I want to hear or whatever is not about me, it’s about them.  This pattern is about them, their inability to handle my being totally honest with what my intuitive self senses etc.. and with total honesty shares with her, and what observations I also share, even if they do not align with her grandiose ideas etc…I have had people give me honest feedback, tell that my artistic work is not commercially viable, not at this time, that I have had my fingers in too many things, not focused, to get myself more focused and disciplined already, not have my fingers in too many things.  I haven’t stopped speaking to them.  They have a point, so I am working on integrating it all, streamlining it all.  If I had cut off communication with anyone who pointed out that I needed to get more streamlined, disciplines and all that, what would that say about my maturity level? I don’t think it would say something good.  Part of what makes for maturity and personal growth is you can have someone say what they sense, and observe, meditate and realize, yeah they have a point, as annoying as it is that they do, but they do and I need to make some changes.  If I am too rigid in a plan or have no real plan, need to change that, or whatever it is I need to realize, I realize it and make changes.  I realize it’s no point me getting upset etc.. because this person’s patterns are not about me, but rather about them, their level of maturity etc.., what is going on in their life.  I have been there before with them and so I choose not to play the drifter game anymore.  I send light and good wishes when I meditate to them, wish them the best, but I won’t reach out, won’t engage in this drifter game or connect, disconnect game.  It is what it is, may they find their path, their peace etc..

Namaste, Shalom and Amen