Darkness comes in different ways, for different reasons, at different times and they can leave scars that we don’t even realize, don’t want others to see because we feel it will make us weak.  Some won’t even acknowledge they are wounded, having false bravado.  I have always tried to pretend everything was okay, when dad left and with different things.  At some point your spirit and soul cry out for acknowledging that wounded child within.  Not acknowledging etc.. can be toxic to one’s health, damage the body, result in self destructive, self sabotaging behavior.  What can we do about this?  

To begin, you have to actually acknowledge the wounds, what is toxic in your life, people, situations etc…This does not mean you take on a victim forever mentality, something that is all the fad nowadays.  It does mean you take a good look at yourself, your life and acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged.  Once that is done, good idea to get a life coach or someone of integrity that can counsel you on how to face, and integrate the shadow self.  The wounded inner child for example, you don’t erase the inner child, the child that allows us to feel joy and many wonderful things, to be spontaneous.  Does mean you heal him or her to be able to move forward.  Guided meditation and such with solid prayer can be helpful in these situations.  We need to find tools to heal as individuals, as a society, healthy ones.  I am planning to create a seminar, record it and offer it in our store. Wellness goes beyond just the body.