People will come into our lives through the virtual world and there a warm and sincere connection.  We  assume this will last forever this friendship, since some deep stuff has been shared about life, what’s going on.  I thought certain friendships both begun offline a lifetime ago and online fit this bill, would last forever, then suddenly the cords were cut.  One of the friendships a Virtual one suddenly gone, no explanation, nothing and it makes me sad, quite sad, but I also have accept though I really don’t want to that after reaching out more than once, they have chosen, with explanation to end this friendship.  I can mourn the loss of it, pray for them always, but like it not I have to except they no longer want to have any friendship.  What will bother me for a long is not knowing, them not having the ability etc.. to say what it is that I have done or they perceive I have done, that caused the friendship to end.  As the poem says some are meant for a season, some for a lifetime and if when you are going through anything heavy in life, or frustrating etc.. and they don’t reach out, that may tell you a lot about whether it was meant to be for a season or a lifetime, that friendship and how deep a level friendship it is.  Going through different things, including another surgery and seeing who reached out and who didn’t made clear those “friends”who were only to be for a season.  This applies sometimes sadly to family as well.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen