yin and yang


When God created us, he didn’t create robots, which means we have a diverse chorus of voices and those voices don’t always meld into a harmonious chorus, but those voices the different ones we find in the blogs etc… they give us a window in who we are, who different part of society are, so much more. It also is a valuable tool in seeing where evil lies, and if we do see that evil, or that lost soul, maybe we need to figure out how to make  a difference, pray, something constructive to make the world of less darkness and more light.  We should know what we stand for, and if we are defending something, is it because we believe it or have to right.  That’s also important, are you standing firm because you truly have that worldview, it truly is who you are heart, spirit and soul, or are you standing firm because you just have to be right all the time? Every once in a while it’s to examine the soul.  I wanted to say thank you to all the bloggers and voices in social media, constructive ones who make a difference, to the ones that are not standing for authenticity, who they truly are heart, spirit and soul, have not made that arduous journey to know that, who are just following the crowd, the friends, what your angry bitter professors teach you, may you be inspired by divine inspiration and find your actual truth. 

Shalom and Amen