The End Days, Latter Days, Times, however you want to call them, the church is in trouble and this was foretold in the OT and NT, so I am not shocked or surprised at the crazy crap coming out of churches, or other faith groups.  What are the enemies of Faith and even The Chuch at large?  I use church in a general sense as pertains to faith and religion.

There is false teaching, such as found in the Seeker Sensitive Movement, which asks members to tell the church what they want to hear and preached, thus false teachings will occur as the Word has to be twisted for that.  Some are preaching that Jesus committed suicide, which is insane as He says He willingly gives His life for others, as there is no greater gift.  When preachers do not let the bible interpret the bible, don’t understand history, archeology etc.. to support the bible as truth, well you get a holy mess of teachings.  Being in and of the world, which leads to ambitions etc…, and self pleasure at the expense of God’s truths.  When the faith institutions seek to be popular with people, are more afraid of people and government than God, that’s worldliness, whether as a group or an individual.  That’s a no no for God, big no no.  It’s a calling, not a career ladder, not supposed to be.  We are not supposed to have the church mold to the things fo this world.  Legalism, well Jesus understand that when you seek your redemption via rituals, rather than relationship with the Creator, His Holy realm.  Not about the Sunday Mass, or the Shabbat rituals, but rather about how they enhance your relationship with the Holy, Sacred, Divine.  What I call the Empty Shell Syndrome, which is when we see an outward ritualistic person seems very faithful to the rituals and all that, but does not support, nor live objective morality and such.  They may support many unholy laws and issues within society. All you have are empty shells, no Holy Spirit, no sacred Spirit within.  Emotions over faith and reason is another biggie, all about the feelings, that determines doctrine, theology and all manner of stuff.  If you judge sacred texts, even literature simply on emotion, you miss a big chunk of truth, may not even really understand anything pertaining to it.  Yes, we should be moved by the Mass, Prayer Service, Scripture, but not determine theology or faith beliefs strictly on emotion and feel good stuff.

You also see where faith groups have gotten off track, where once they preached sacred scripture, now they are all about filling the spaces and keeping people entertained so they keep coming.  There is also a coldness in the faith realm, and we have either total cold theology or extreme emotion and wanting to belong to the world.  There is a lack of firm faith and reason, clear object moral truths taught and lived by.  What about toleration?  Seems the philosophy is unless I tolerate within the faith and society every manner of sin then I am a bigot.  No, it means you combine faith with reason, hopefully research on the harmful effects of sin, also discern it from a spiritual level that there are strong consequences to throwing away scripture truths etc…You speak up for what is sacred, holy, not just your opinion of scared and holy, but actually sacred and holy, even if people don’t like you.  Finally, you have a crazy phenomena where pastors etc.. don’t use the bible, or any sacred scripture to teach the things of faith, they use movies, and all kids of books and art, but not the Sacred Scriptures.  That is like a doctor watching movies to be a good doctor rather than reading medical text to figure out what is going on with a patient, makes no sense.  Not that they can’t use journals as an compliment to their medical books, but not as a substitute over and over again.  The houses of worship seem to be doing just that.

It is these enemies that destroy not only faith, but society.  There is no standing for what is holy, sacred, healthy, constructive for society, humanity, or for individuals. If you see someone about to shoot up drugs and you care, you don’t just go, ahh well, their life, whatever.  Hope not, hope you try and save their rear end, guide them to what is a healthy way to deal with issues and life.  Considering the total opposite is occurring  especially in faith institutions, it is no surprise that like Sodom and Gommorah, and Days of Noah we are in free fall, in a big mess.  I am not sure we can turn back because academia and faith institutions have been so corrupted by the forces of darkness, leading humanity astray in many ways.  Hopefully there will be many who are in and of the light, and who find their way to that light before the End of Days.