I have no qualms about being clear, direct and honest about what my intuitive instincts and gifts tell me about people, situations, especially if you ask and I consider us friends.  I always make even when sharing what my intuitive gifts etc.. impress on me about anything that whatever opportunities ect.. I sense, we have free will and can make choices that change that.  I can’t if I am a true friend just tell you what you want to hear.  That is not friendship, me just telling what you want to hear when my fiber of my being, my gut instinct etc.. say otherwise.  I have had people tell me things I was not too thrilled about, even in meditative prayer, or in general about my career path, but I never cut ties with them.   

However, not everyone handles someone telling it like it is, as they sense it well.  Some are so entrenched with their thing, goal etc..that anything that challenges the set in stone plan is not acceptable and they retreat.  You find out which friendships, family ties can withstand this in times of change, transition, a health issue comes up, stuff like that.  You then have to decide what to do with that “relationship”.  You can reach out and apologize each and every time for being totally up front etc.., not telling the what they want to hear, and if there are political differences and such for standing your ground.  The other option is to consider those ties cut once and for all.  If every time you present truth, an honest critique etc.., they go silent, give the silent treatment etc…, it may be time to truly cut ties.  These choices are never easy to make when it involves people we have a long history with. On the other hand, constant silent treatments, walking away, then when the person is over their tantrum coming back is not a relationship really, and not a friendship really, not a mature one.  Decisions about what to hold to,and what to let go of sometimes comes to the maturity of the relationship, and also can you be truthful, honest, challenge others constructively and not end up with walls and a cold shoulder? 

I had surgery Tuesday, ran into a bit of glitch, but turned out okay, not waiting for the biopsy and people who don’t know me very long, who I have not even met but have been connected to on FB for years, even some new friends on FB reached out to wish me well and asked I keep everyone posted.  However, a “friend”, someone I worked with, who returned to Europe and has applied to return to the US, I heard nothing from and we have known each other for years.  I am very honest with her in regards to my views on everything and she has always known I have strong intuitive gifts, I never sought to cultivate them specifically, they just are.  When asked my opinion on their rigid plans, goals etc.. I have gotten strong intuitive flashes and when meditating I will often get flash intuition on stuff and so when my opinion is asked or my feedback is asked I give it honestly.  It doesn’t sit right with this individual, so she pulls what I call tantrums, sulks, doesn’t speak to me, and while those who don’t even know me well, have never met me reached out with well wishes, my childhood friend who herself has a life full of problems called to wish me well and said will be calling in a few days to check on me, not a peep from them.  This is a pattern with this person and so I have to evaluate if this is a connection I should even want in my life, seek to have in my life.  Maybe no.  Situations can bring you to where you really want to evaluate things, time to evaluate.