When think of the passage that says that we all fall short of the Glory of God, I know in part it is because God is God, creator of all and so there is no way any human could come close to who God is. As I look back at my life and at the history of humanity, I realize that the struggle between the holy things of God and the unholy of the other one, who I won’t name for not being deserving of having their name spoken is why we fall short. When we are still in a place of immaturity of spirit, emotions etc.. this inner struggle is intense, and if we do not have clear principles and ethics for how we live life, function within society etc…it can lead us to be self destructive and destructive to develop such kinds of patterns. That is not to say we can ever be perfect and striving for total perfection at all times is not healthy.

However, If we are at least aware of the struggle and we truly seek, particularly as people of faith, to live in the perimeters of strong, solid ethical, moral boundaries, while also never enabling negative behavior patterns and such we can feed the good wolf. How will I go about reinforcing these boundaries, lines of ethics etc..? I am looking at my actions, patterns etc.., to be aware of them, to study more on the truths of the faith, my Christian/Catholic faith, not as they are being twisted but as they truly are, and I will be studying Thomas Aquinas, watching videos, things of that nature, not in a beat myself up way, no. Knowledge and truth are empowerment to freedom and I want to be free, at peace, align to what is accurate ethical, moral truth because that is what will set me free, not the things of humanism, not me. I went the humanist route, the do as you please, just seek to be happy and it was bondage, not freedom. I also realize that to be free I do have to stand up for myself, my overall well being and that does mean I do not enable or endorse anything destructive to me or society. Wish I had understand all this in my 20’s, 30’s rather than my 50’s, but better later than never.