In ancient times, in Greece and Rome open debate, fierce debate was a welcome thing, part of education, this notion of debate, of back and forth, fiercely, not violently, but passionately, also with reasoning.  Education from elementary to higher education is supposed to be a place where there is an open exchange, and debate, thoroughly and yes at times passionately.  What has happened to this awesome tradition of educators encouraging all sides to speak their mind and all sides doing so with thorough fact and reason?  It seems it has gotten lost, not only in academia, but in general. 

In education if you write your paper regarding heroes and you choose a biblical figure or anyone in the Christian realm that is truly conservative, most likely your paper will be reject or at the very least get a very low grade.  In general with safe spaces etc…you have a culture now that stifles any true and free expression, unless it agrees with the radical Left, with BDS which is spewing all manner of lies.  That is bad enough, the biased etc.. in education regarding conservative and faith values, the antisemitism, all one big mess.  Then I had an ever further rude awakening at how screed up society is.  President Obama’s labor secretary is calling for a truth commission if Democrats win the Presidency and maintain Congress, and should they also get the Senate, look out were are doomed.  He proposes this commission basically go after and prosecute anyone who stood by and voted or Trump, rather the MAGA platform.  Think about it, we are a democratic republic, are supposed to be.  Yet with all kinds of programs, welfare programs etc.. we have become a socialist nation more and more.  That being the case, it gets really concerning when a former member of our government is basically calling for the lynching of Conservatives, of people of faith, of anyone who dares to say to the establishment swamp in DC, shrew you, we are hopping on the MAGA train.  That is chilling that the government would start to go after those who like me support the MAGA platform, the prolife platform, and who thus support Trump.  This is a very dangerous road we are on, one where unless, like in the Nazi days, you think liberal progressive, support Palestine, unless you vocally hate being white, hate Israel etc.., you are not welcome in the halls of academia and elsewhere.  You might even be punished for it.  That is not what this nation is meant to be, and if we close our eyes and ears to the tyranny of the Left, we will pay a heavy price, as happened in Europe during that very dark time in history.  

Please wake up to what is going on, fight back against the brainwashing of the Left of Aacemics who try to teach your youth and you to hate law enforcement, hate yourself fro being white and all manner of lunacy.  It is up to We The People to make sure we push for America to be appreciated, loved, to be a true Capitalist Constitutional Republic.  Amen