Life is Pos


I was diagnosed with stress related ulcers and there are several things that have contributed to the fibromyalgia and now this.  I will seek all the medical care necessary, but it has to go deeper, a lot deeper.  I have to start to truly live life, not just exist, need to really be alive, which with life having beaten me down I wasn’t.  I am going to be taking spiritual and practical steps to ensure a do this.  What am I doing and going to do?  

One thing is to really get back to the core of the Roman Catholic faith, teachings etc…  I have a spiritual director, signed up for retreats and will continue with both.  I also realize I need to change how I eat, what I eat, so lots of fruits, veggies, grilled and backed stuff, healthy stuff.  I need to get those daily walks also, very important.  I also signed up with a spa that also trains people for spa positions and regularly for their advanced level students to apply what they, so I will get notifications about that, also found a spa that has all day access for $30 a day.  I also got some home spa supplies, so I can detox, destress and meditate at home fully.   These are things that will help me feel better and function better in life.  There is also the point of fulfilling my dreams, so I am going to be submitting my songs, poems to sources that can bring them to life.  There is much I can do to make my life a good life, and it is my responsibility to do it.  

In terms of my mom, I don’t consider she is gone.  My faith tells me she is in a place where she never will suffer and I had her for a long time with me, so I focus on being grateful for that and that she no longer suffers.  She would be pleased to see me create a vibrant healthy life for myself, as any truly good parent would be.  Time to look to the sunrise and fly like an eagle.