Last words, last things we say to anyone when we walk out the door, what are they, or what might they be? Some will say that Jesus was Jesus, Christ so of course He forgave, but remember He became fully human, requiring food, drink, rest etc…, and in His human form were these words uttered.

If we look at the first uttered words, forgive them, why does He say forgive them?  They know not what they do because in their being of the world, caught up in their own pleasures etc.. they were not aware of who was in front of them, didn’t appreciate the gift they had right in front of them.

How often does that happen in our lives, this being so caught up in our own pain etc..we are clueless to what is going on, or that we grab on to petty stuff that becomes a huge mountain between us and others to where there is no room for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation?

Something to think about and address maybe.  What of the  two hanging beside Him, why was one told you will be with me, the other not?  The one took full responsibility for his transgressions and stood up for Jesus who was unjustly crucified, opposite from the other.  That is not to say one should have a continuous victim mentality in regards to a constant poor me, poor me, always the victim attitude, no.

Taking responsibility for actual personal transgressions matters to God, recognizing our sins whether sexual otherwise, matters.  Seeking that forgiveness and Holy Spirit, Divine realm assistance to turning it around matters, as well as making it right with others also.  When Jesus gives His mom to the care of John, caring for each other in troubled times matters, as this examples gives us.  We are in a sense each other’s keeper, like it or not.  When pastor Jim Bakker years ago talked about emergency food prep, the church being prepared to assist others in emergencies he was laughed at, but not so laughable to say that the church should be the place, rather than government where people can get nourished not only in bible truths on sin and redemption, but actually get nourished in times of hardship.

This next one can confuse, since Jesus was Christ how could God forsake Him? When Christ took on all the sins, ugliness of the world, hard for God to look at Him, embrace Him, to face seeing His son so battered, beaten to a pulp etc…see all the sins of the world lay bare in His son.  Isn’t that true in general?  How easy is it to look on others, especially those near and dear to us when they are living lives of self destruction? Not so easy.

Enabling it is not an option, not really, but seeing it unfold every day isn’t either, so seeking full support for some tough love is necessary above and below, no shame or weakness in that, only courage and strength, praying and seeking.  If we look at these last words of Christ, we can see the reflection of our own lives, come to a place of wisdom.