I am seeing the holiday season before me and at the same time moving through this situation with my 96 year old mom not being okay and that tension is throwing out the window any botox treatment for my neck and shoulders.  I have done some heavy lifting, as mom only has help three days a week for four hours 9:30 am -1:30 pm.  As I pray the Lord have mercy on her pain, suffering and take her home, I also realize I can’t paralyze myself.  What am I doing in the midst of the storm? 

Well, I’m promoting the blog any way I can, looking for what relevant themes I can share with you.  I am also working on some Christmas poems, songs to record.  I decided meditations I will work on next year to offer as part of the aromatherapy, wellness.  I have also had some tough discussions with mom, family about what happens with her passing.  It really does give you peace to have an anchor in Christ.  Doesn’t mean I don’t have tension in my neck, shoulder from the situation in general, but I am not in any state of fear, sadness, anxiety because I am doing what the doctors say to do, am trusting that the Lord will release her from her pain and take her home, not have her here to linger and be in pain.  I have an inner peace that comes from faith, trust in that being that created the world and all things of nature, trees, streams etc… I will keep cooking blog entries and more because life must move forward, no matter what is going on around us.