When scripture says have no other God’s, this includes the earth, creatures of the earth.  When you have these fanciful flights like the New Green Deal, it might be funny if it weren’t so scary.  The notion is that government needs to control every aspect of your life and of society to save the earth, the nation.  Conservation with wisdom, moderation and such is fine, all for it.  All for not littering, recycling wisely and all that stuff, but here is the problem when you make the planet God, and creatures within.  

First off, your fellow man becomes your enemy because man is seen as the one great evil, so you seek to destroy man.  Government becomes the identified savior through layers and layers of suffocating taxation and regulation.  The other thing is that often what happens is the cure is actually worse than the so called issue itself.  Wind turbines, great solution right, well not really.  They kill birds and those who live nearby experience lesser quality of life and health issues, so how is that a solution?  While I understand we must be wise stewards of our world, there has to be moderation and common sense.  I glanced at the Biden-Sanders plan and it is scary.  Let’s say we eliminate all modes of transport except electric cars that require recharge stations and more, and bikes, well don’t know about you, but I see problems.  Let’s start with family, friends, when do you even get to see them?  If you can’t travel by plane, high speed train, when do you get to actually spend time with your family, friends?  What about work, where you live, forget living and working where you want.  You will eventually be forced to only live and work within electric recharge stations or biking range of your home.  What about where you live?  Will you even have a choice what kind of home you have if a truly radical environmental agenda is implemented?  All this has to be considered, holistically and holistically a plan that says all things of man are the enemy and all innovation, transportation etc.. is the enemy is a recipe for disaster.  

I do my best to buy natural, organic and such products, even for cleaning my home.  I wanted to offer natural products to you as well.  At the same time, the earth can not become such a God that it rules my life, my everything.  It’s important to keep balance and yes I think that corporate America should get innovative and energy efficient, but if we strangle with regulation, and taxation, we won’t have a thriving anything, only a sick and bloated government.  Wellness of a nation or nations can not happen if environment become God, is worshiped as a God.  Never allow anything to be your God, except the Creator of all things.  Please when you cast a vote, really think about the long term repercussions of it, don’t make the planet, or the environment your God.  Also, if you look at the weather almanac and if you read scriptures of all traditions, the weather has had crazy moments throughout history, so none of this is new.  Don’t let alarmists on the environment have the planet become your God.