Once again my mom went o a tangent against God for how her life turned out, for the erroneous marriage choice she made to my dad, his family, how rotten they were, saying it was all destiny, in router words, God’s fault.  It pained me because for one she has had this eat away at her for so so long, and instilled in me a distrust of men, of marriage, while at the same time praying to God I be married, very confusing, mixed signals.  She did not consciously send mixed signals, not on purpose, but she did by expressing her bitterness, anger, quoting sayings of her town about men and not too flattering ones.  The other thing is that she is 97 and she can pass away in her sleep or on the recliner taking a nap.  I would hate to have her soul filled with anger, bitterness against God, particularly since she was a grown up when she made the choices she made.  Same for me, if my life isn’t that of a thriving spiritual artist in service to the Lord, down to lousy choices I made in my life, career path, finances and all that, not God.  Does Satan whisper to our spirit, bring confusion to our lives, sure, influence us to act with emotion rather than common sense?  Sure he tries to, but it is up to us not to listen to that voice.  

Are there times when circumstances are such that you are not in a position to make a choice, decision, a healthy one? Yes, of course. Could be age, where one is not at an age of maturity spiritually, emotionally to make sound decision, or have people around to guide, advise in a right manner.  One could be born into a cult, religious cult, growing up in a brainwashing circumstance.  There are times when outside circumstances can impact our ability to choose rightly, to decide rightly.  However, that is not God creating those circumstances.  People do things in the name of God which are very unholy, unethical etc…, Satan is after all, and the Ego is after all a great deceiver, a great liar.  Overall, if I am an adult and threre are no external circumstances that would impede my making right choices etc… and I do that is down to me and my free will choice.  If there are a million and one red flags or even a few regarding a relationship, a job, friendship, financial situation and I ignore that, then it all goes sour, nothing to do do with God.  That is me unwilling to see the truth of the situation, or ignoring it, ignoring people who see the flags pointing them out to us.  Could be pride, neediness, any number of reasons, but it is not God creating our lousy circumstances.  If I have had situations in my early life the need addressing, healing and I don’t, then end up in a bad place, not God that did that to me, it was my refusal to address what needed to be addressed.  See what I am getting at, blaming God for our making less than stellar choices, decisions, especially with a certain age and amount of life experience, makes no sense.  Being eternally bitter not only wrecks our health on many levels, but destroys our soul.  God may allow certain trials and storms, but He is not the cause, even when others harm us.  Remember each of us has an individual free will to do good or evil, to construct or destruct, even the one who harms you.  They make detrimental choices and we may be the aim of that, but it is down to their choices, and if they have psych issues, are not doing what they are medically supposed to be doing, then that is down to their responsibility in a way to self care.  We can explain why people sin, why choices are made that are made, but blame God, no, don’t think so.  

Who do anger, bitterness actually hurt?  Most of all, they hurt those who carry it within, like a slow killing poison.  They are tormented by these emotions, cut off from a relationship with God, with the Divine.  One may pray and all that, but there is always going to be a wall between the person holding on to anger and bitterness and the sacred, holy, Creator, that whole realm.  Remember that.