There has historically been great tension between the Christian Church and the Jewish community.  One of the reasons is this bizarre notion that it was the Jews that were responsible for Christ giving His life as a redemptive lamb for all of humanity.  Setting aside the theology of it, let’s use common sense.  

Let’s ask a few crucial questions?  Why was from the time of Moses blood sacrifice required for atonement?  Why if God created all would Jesus not have died to redeem all?  Was Jesus forced by God even to do this, to be the Lamb of Atonement?  Why did many Jews reject Him and Gentiles also?  Why the blood sacrifice?  Where is life contained?  If you lose a lot of blood you are dead.  Life is in the blood.  For there to be atonement God used blood from what was pure and unblemished as a symbol of life and atonement.  What about redemption, was it just for the Jews or the Gentiles?  No, redemption is for all.  If redemption is for all, and the cause of all ills is sin, then Sin killed Christ.  Since we all have Ego, we all sin in some form in our lives at times to greater degree, then we all are the authors of the death of Christ.  Not saying this for us to beat ourselves up 24/7.  I am making a point of logic, that no one group was responsible for the death of Christ, all of humanity was, is and will be by virtue of the Sin Nature.  Did anyone force Jesus?  No, he says Himself that He willingly gives His life, for no greater thing is there than to give your life for a friend.  Think about that, He considers us friends, how awesome is that.  If as we know, if we truly study scripture, Christ came for all, why didn’t all embrace Him?  Expectations based on a fixed idea is one.  Jewish people had and have a very specific idea of what the Messiah will do, how He will be and operate. Jesus didn’t fit that narrative, He fit the Biblical narrative, but not their understanding of Messiah.  The gentiles, well, power, Ego, sin nature that was not going to surrender to God, the God of Abraham etc… That God had high standards on behavior etc.., so they were not too keen on that.  We see it also very much today, this trying to mold God to the secular and Scripture to the secular, to anything goes so long as it makes me happy.  There are a number of reasons and even Christ said not everyone could accept what He was teaching, reinforcing the moral, ethical boundaries etc.. of the Old Testament.  

When anyone says any one group killed Jesus, have the guts, wisdom to say, no, we all killed Him, all of humanity past, present and future.  That is the logical and only conclusion to reach when one uses wisdom and common sense.  Our sin nature made it so this sacrifice had to be made by Yeshua.  He did so willingly and for that one should always be grateful.