When God got fed up and unleashed the flood, who caused the flood to be unleashed and only one man to be saved for the future of mankind in a restart of sorts?  Most will say God, God caused the flood.  Did He?  It says the evil was so great in the heart of mankind, that, except for Noah and his family, humanity was a deranged abysmal entity to be blunt.  At the point at which the stench of unholiness, violence etc.. reached God’s sphere it was so corrosive and toxic, something has to shift. 

If that is the case, the purpose of humanity, which was to be a vessel for the Messiah, was no longer viable and there could be no relationship, and if there could be no relationship, then there could be no humanity.  If you are logical about it, God did not create the flood, humanity created the conditions by which God had to unplug us from existence and start over.  Now, with the scriptures and able to have that relationship, especially through Messiah, we turn things around, can turn ourselves around.  God allows consequences to our actions positive and negative, and actions, reactions are often as domino effects.  The same goes with our relationships, political landscape also has domino effects for communities, cities, states and nations.  If we engage in unholy laws, lawlessness and disorder, shift towards radical socialism leading to communism, there are consequences and should be.  Life is all about action, reaction, consequence.  We must always keep this in mind, even when looking at interactions between law enforcement and suspects, or rioting crowds.  Your actions will create a reaction from not only enforcement, but anyone in the immediate circle.  Nothing is because God wants to be this harsh taskmaster, but because as any good parent He has to have a system of checks and balances, of reaction to action.  That is a very important lesson we should learn from scripture and hopefully will ASAP.  In essence, too often we screw ourselves over.