Think of a car left out to the elements over time how it gets eroded, corroded and then falls apart apparently.   Restoring it is not an easy task, and it may never get restored to what it was.  Today I saw a specialist about my most recent issues and ongoing ones and he explained I had three different things going on, all stress induced. He also explained I would have to be on a bland diet for the long term, invest in a good grill, grill, broil my food, salt my only seasoning.   Granted there is financial stress on me, and other things of my mom  I have to sort out, but my family pointed out that I need to stop trying to sort everything out all at once.   This is where priorities come into play.

First, I sort out my financial picture, get that straight in the next week or so.  Then sort out furniture to get rid of in the next week or two after that so on and so forth.   I also need to do something nice for me, something fun, since dining out is out of the question, a spa day and a smoothie will have to do, along with foot soaks, aromatherapy, things of that nature.   Stress can sneak up on you, like it does on that car you leave out at the mercy of the elements.  I found these articles and am sharing them with you,  If you are under constant stress, time to think of concrete constructive ways to cut that stress down.